Interior shot of White Trash Fast Food

Good Food… Home-Made…

Friends Drinking (Not Driving) & Devil Music…

Worlds Finest Fresh Food, every recipe made here, by us… Berlin’s best steaks plus German-Asian-Mexican-French-Swiss-Army Fusion, with guitar.

With our international cuisine, the irony is complete. Let’s take a look behind the surface, of the double negative, “White Trash - Fast Food” Hey! You may say, on first glance, that’s no name for a restaurant, and you my friend, would be correct!

And another interior shot of White Trash Fast FoodBUT! When we scientifically transform the name of our restaurant, W.T.F.F. into a mathematical equation, we can observe it forming a wide perpendicular arc to the east (See: Wedge Salads, Beef Sandwich & Pulled Beef Sandwich) and then watch it curve sharply north by northwest, a beam of light, with thousands of numbers clicking off like in “Matrix” (See: Rib Dinner and Jamaican Jerk Chicken Dinner) then, slowly dissappearing and reforming to create the magnificent negative plus-minus path of infinity! Diffusing meaning and material simultaneously!

And crossing in it’s path the circumference of all known kitchen high art, NO, not France, but of the decadent migrant French aristocracy, (See: The Bomb Brownie & Vanilla Ice and Cheescake O´The Day ) very heavy, but beautiful in it’s balance as we follow it to it’s logical conclusion, Berlin, the center of the universe, (See: Mom's Apple pie).

Some old illustration of a horse carriageAnd finally, a simple, but honest description, “Exotisches Essen nach Hausfrauen-Art!” (Exotic food just like Mama used to make!)