Saturday, 1 December 2012 — 20:00h

Live im Keller: Kristoffer & The Harbour Heads [SWE] + Souvenir to Mankind

at the Diamond Lounge

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Kristoffer & The Harbour Heads (SWE)

kristoffer ragnstam

After intense touring with Mumford & Sons, Debbie Harry, Maia Hirasawa and Telekinesis, Kristoffer & The Harbour Heads needed a change. New music had to be written and a fourth person was brought in as a sounding board.

 During the cold month of january, the American producer Ryan Kelly was in Gothenburg, Sweden to record and produce Kristoffer & The Harbour Heads. Ryan, who previously worked with such luminaries as Lou Reed and John Legend had seen the somewhat odd and quirky trio play a live gig in New York City. He decided then and there to be a part of the next album.

Ryan’s vision was to catch the essence of the band’s everyday life and routines and somehow distill it down to a definitive sound. His recording method was straightforward: while the band was messing around, unaware, spontaneously warming up their chops he would get down a live take. This resulted in quite a bit of resistance from the band with a lot of name calling, swearing and  even some airborne guitars.


I had my finger on the record button, and said, "that's good, but you can do it way better!" Then they end up purely amazing, like they really wanted to do an album that will count.


I often thought that Ryan was some kind of idiot. In retrospect, it was probably because he highlighted our weaknesses and pretty severely wounded my ego. It hurt a bit at the time, but I’m really happy and thankful for it now.

Little Goes a Long Way was recorded during two super cold weeks in January. According to Ryan it is precisely the frigid climate and the band’s subsequent ability to lock find refuge locked up inside their music that have formed the sound. The eleven songs on the album tell the story of a journey in Kristoffer’s life. Everyday life meets fantasy, battling for the most attention. Tonaly it’s relatively dark with some light rays in the form of 60’s sounds and cheap Japanese synthesizers.

 It’s a unique album, listen to it.

Offizielles Video: http://youtu.be/gNbZl1dTUbM

Live (Arte TV): http://liveweb.arte.tv/de/video/introducing_kristoffer_and_the_harbour_heads_berlin/
Musik: http://soundcloud.com/popupbooking/sets/kristoffer-the-harbour-heads/s-ViQDA
Homepage: www.harbourside.se

"We are all different might be the Song of the year 2012."

Flux FM

Kristoffer and the Harbour Heads are doing their own thing in their own league.
Amazing songs, pure energy in a combo with true studio craftsmanship."

Chris Brown (Sound Engineer of The Beatles ”Anthology”, Radiohead, Muse etc)



Souvenir To Mankind


Wenn man sich den Anspruch stellt, mit seiner Kunst der Menschheit ein Andenken zu hinterlassen, wie bringt man es auf den Punkt? Was macht das Menschsein aus?
Die Intensität des Empfindens, das Ausloten extremer Gefühle? Ekstase und Selbstzerstörung, Obsession und Raserei?
Souvenir To Mankind drosseln diese Intensität auf Lichtgeschwindigkeit, halten inne, nehmen wieder Fahrt auf und heben ab. Fast kindlich wundern sie sich: „How we got to this point, how we got so far?“ - und beantworten sich ihre Frage doch selbst: „We got so far!“








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