(This should be read very emotionally, then when you get to 'punks' you start to rap it...OK? Go! and try not to sound too white)

WHITE TRASH FAST FOOD is NOT Festsaal-Kreuzberg. Sorry about the DISINFORMATION.

White Trash is the NIGHTMARE that would not DIE! Punks tried to jack our SHIT, but we're BACK!

Like a BIG FAT ZIT, in YO FACE! We're back ON LINE, but NO PLACE! Feelin' FINE, it's all ACE!

...cause we're COMING SOON to a new LOCATION! But first we gonna have us a little VACATION!

HELL YA!!! We miss ya'all, HELL YA!!! Goddamn ya Festsaal!!! HELL YA!!! Lord have mercy...HELL YA.

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